Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wicked Awesome Films in Hollywood Reporter!

Well kick me in the nuts and call me Nancy - we got into the Hollywood Reporter yesterday!

It was an article entitled, "YouTubers Mixed on Google Buy". Here's the section about us::

"At least a dozen YouTube videos poked fun at Hurley and Chen's video, mimicking its unrehearsed nature and their sometimes awkward interplay. Kevin and Bobby, a pair of wiseacres who post videos under the label WickedAwesomeFilms, dressed up as Hurley and Chen, one even donning a blonde pageboy wig crudely approximating Hurley's haircut. In the video, Hurley's doppelganger muses aloud about what he will do with the newfound millions.

"I'm going to pay Angelina Jolie $50 million and Jessica Biel $50 million to wrestle in baby oil, and I'm going to videotape it," he says.

"That will be up on the site soon," the Chen character says.

Kevin was Hurley and I was Chen. His line was funny. Mine was not. I hate Kevin now. Good times. Here's a link to the sketch we did.

Special thanks to Alex Woodson in NY and Andrew Wallenstein in LA who wrote this story. Hopefully it's not the last time we get our picture in THR!!!

-Bobby J.

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