Friday, August 24, 2007

P2: Summer YouTube Blockbuster (Or Not...)

We finally finished Punchy 2! We posted it last night all around the 'net and everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying it. We actually wrote the script back in March and a slew of things got in the way of us actually shooting and/or completing the shoot: back injuries, travel for at least three different cast members, location difficulties (that show Numbers on CBS totally snagged our parking garage one day!) and of course - then there was the edit. I basically used all of my vacation from work this week to edit P2.

Was it worth it? Yup. But now we're hoping that we can take some time and really get our portfolio together so that we can make better wicked awesome films and hopefully, actually get paid for it someday. That would be swell!

If you haven't seen P2 yet:

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