Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wicked Awesome TV on Comcast On Demand

Big annoucement: Wicked Awesome Films is going to be on TV! If you have Comcast or Cox cable WAF is making its way into your living room in mid-July 2008. This means some great WAF sketches will be available On Demand in over 11 million homes nationwide! Kevin and I are pretty excited about it and we have Bryon over at Stupidvideos.com to thank for the hook up.

We'll be making a video announcing this exciting milestone for WAF. WAF on TV. 'Bout time!

-Bobby J.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

First WAF Site Embed

We just switched to a Ning site and this is the first time we've embedded a video uploaded to "our site" and embedded it elsewhere. It's an exclusive of Kevin fooling around on the set of JUNO TOO:

Find more videos like this on Wicked Awesome Films

YouTube Spotlight On Juno Too

The YouTube folks placed "Juno Too" in the Comedy Spotlight today. Since Juno Too was originally created for the MTV Movie Award Spoof Contest, for which the winner is announced today, and we got beat out by a crappy Matthew McConaughey impression, we're feeling pretty good that TODAY is the day to have the Spotlight shine on WAF.

Thanks YouTube!

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